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Food Safety Research Committee
【Flavor Task Force】
Task Force Objectives
  To carry out unbiased scientific research into the properties and safety of food flavorings
  To foster the proper scientific understanding among industry, government, and academia relating to food flavorings
  To propose safety evaluation methods that are internationally consistent, based on scientific grounds

Main Activities To Date
  Discussion of activity objectives, policies and plans for the task force
  Explanation of conditions surrounding flavorings in and outside Japan
  Translation of a booklet issued by ILSI Europe, Threshold of Toxicological Concern (TTC), for publication in Japanese.

Future Activities
  Overview of entire plan: Disseminating and raising awareness of the proper scientific knowledge on flavorings, and proposals for safety evaluation methods
     The Flavor Task Force will carry out unbiased scientific investigative research relating to the properties and safety of food flavorings from a third-party perspective. This includes seeking opinions from experts using the organization's network in Japan, and surveying conditions overseas through the exchange of information and opinions with ILSI in North America and Europe. By conveying the summarized information to the food industry, relevant government authorities, and opinion leaders of food related field, the task force will promote the proper scientific understanding relating to flavorings among industry, government, and academia. Moreover, the common understanding developed through such activities will help further promote opinion exchange in and outside Japan, and ultimately the task force will make proposals on safety evaluation methods that are internationally consistent, based on scientific grounds.
  Specific Plans for Fiscal 2006
・Meetings to be held once every two or three months
    Activity Details
       The Flavor Task Force will also investigate the revision of its management organization (setting up working groups for each topic), in order to ensure more active participation by task force members, and more efficient task force management. It will carry out the following activities while remaining open to cooperation with other task forces on common topics.
  Investigative research relating to flavoring fundamentals: Carrying out basic learning through actual investigative research, including verification of ways that flavorings are viewed by the media
  Investigative research relating to safety evaluation: Carrying out the following activities in fiscal 2006
  Investigative research relating to TTC concepts
Publishing edition translated into Japanese
Awareness raising by investigating the issuing of a publication containing background knowledge and explanations, and by holding lectures
Considering the submission of the results to the Food Safety Commission as ILSI Japan
  Investigative research relating to safety evaluation methods for flavorings being used by JECFA
Reading the procedure
Comparison with safety evaluation methods for other additives
Investigation of current issues
After this, if there is room in the schedule, a survey and comparison of regulation methods and safety evaluation methods for flavorings used by agencies in other countries and will be carried out.
  Dissemination of scientific understanding relating to flavorings
Survey of how flavorings are currently being viewed (academic fields / general society)
Planning and holding lectures
Investigative research into functionality: Starting working group activities if there are many interested persons


(June 2007)

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