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About ILSI Japan
A specified nonprofit corporation, International Life Sciences Institute Japan (ILSI Japan) was established in 1981 as a regional branch, and plays a role in worldwide activities of ILSI, and positively consults on the specific issues in Japan.
Mission of ILSI Japan
Based on the latest and sound science, ILSI Japan carries on projects for resolving and disseminating scientific issues relating health, nutrition, food safety, and the environment while ensuring the international harmonization. The purpose of these projects is to contribute to better nutrition, improved health, food safety and the environment for the Japanese and people all over the world.
Activities of ILSI Japan  
    (1)Activity which aims at improvement of health, medical treatment, or welfare
(2)Activity which aims at promotion of social education
(3)Activity which aims at environmental preservation
(4)Activity of international cooperation
(5)Activity which aims at the sound upbringing of children
The Project of ILSI Japan
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ILSI Japan Board of Trustees
Chairman Teruo Miyazawa, PhD Tohoku University
President Takuji Yasukawa Kao Corporation
Takeshi Kimura, PhD Ajinomoto Co., Ltd
Tamotsu Kuwata, PhD University Human Arts and Sciences
Takashi Sakata, PhD Ishinomaki Senshu University
Shigeru Taniguchi Meiji Co., Ltd.
Keiichi Abe, PhD National Institute of Biomedical Innovation, Health and Nutrition
Fumiaki Abe, PhD Morinaga Milk Industry Co., Ltd.
Mutsuo Iwamoto, PhD Japan Association for Food Specialist
Makoto Shimizu, PhD Tokyo University of Agriculture
Hideo Tsujimura, PhD Suntory Beverage & Food Limited
Takashi Togami, PhD ILSI Japan CHP
Dai Nakata, PhD Tokyo University of Agriculture
  Asahi Matsuyama, PhD Kikkoman Corporation
Auditor Minoru Morita Morinaga & Co., Ltd..
Yuji Yamada Yamazaki Baking Co., Ltd.
(February 13, 2019)
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ILSI Japan Organization
ILSI Japan obtained certification as a specified nonprofit corporation (NPO corporation) in 2001. ILSI Japan consists of 66 individuals and organizations (as of March 2012) who collectively support ILSI Japan's institutional goaland activities. The members can freely participate in the committees, Research Committees and Task Forces as below and find solutions of the problems by having access to up-to-date scientific information.
              Safety Information Research Task Force    
          Food Safety Research Committee Food Microorganism Task Force    
            Risk Assessment Task Force    
            Flavor Task Force    
          Environmental Risks Assessment WG
Biotechnology Research Committee Plant Task Force Protein Allergenicity WG
          Biotechnology Methods WG
    Nutrition Task Force    
      Nutrition and Health Research Committee Glucose Releasing Rate WG
    Tea Task Force Tea Information WG
              Immunity WG
          Functional Foods Task Force Brain Function WG
            Locomotion WG
        Food Functionalities Research Committee ILSI Japan-Endowed chair of Functional Food Science and Nutrigenomics
        International Cooperation Committee        
        Publication & Scientific Information Committee        
        CHP(Center for Health Promotion)        
        ILSI Japan Project Foundation Committee        
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