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ILSI is a global network of scientists devoted to enhancing the scientific basis for public health decision-making

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About ILSI
International Life Sciences Institute, Founded in 1978, the International Life Sciences Institute (ILSI) is a nonprofit, worldwide foundation that seeks to improve the well-being of the general public through the advancement of science. Its goal is to further the understanding of scientific issues relating to nutrition, food safety, toxicology, risk assessment, and the environment by bringing together scientists from academia, government, and industry.
ILSI Cooperation Network
ILSI Cooperation NetworkILSI implements and supports scientific research on health, nutrition, safety and the environment. The findings are made public worldwide through academic symposiums and publications. Four global projects have been focused on in recent years: “Overweight/obesity”, “Food Biotechnology”, “Functional Foods”, “Risk Assessment”. ILSI is involved in the projects with the International Agency.of the World Health Organization (WHO). ILSI also has special consultative status with the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations.
Global ILSI Entities
ILSI TiwanILSI KoreaILSI Mesoamerica ILSI ILSI ILSI Health and Environmental Sciences Institute ILSI North America ILSI Mexico ILSI North Andean ILSI Brasil ILSI South Andean ILSI Argentina ILSI Southeast Asia Region ILSI-India ILSI Focal Point in China ILSI South Africa ILSI Middle East ILSI Europe ILSI Brasil ILSI Argentina ILSI Japan
14 Regional Branches
Health & Environmental Sciences Institute (ILSI HESI)
International Committee
ILSI Platform for International Partnership(PIP)
International Food Biotechnology Committee (IFBiC)
Center for Environmental Risk Assessment (CERA)
Risk Science Innovation and Application (RSIA)
Center for Nutrition and Health Promotion (ILSI CHP)
The members of ILSI consist of a total of 496 companies (as of FY 2010) and operate worldwide. Fundamental issues that require long-term studies are managed primarily by institutes of the research foundation. Each institute picks research themes with a global perspective and with the cooperation of scientists who represent relevant scientific fields and may commission studies to internationally competent scientists. The regional branches are located worldwide and are in charge of responding to regional-specific issues.
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